Who I love


“We are living art,

created to hang on,

stand up,



and encourage others.”

- Maya Angelou

I work with people in all walks of life. And that is one of my greatest joys. Everyone longs to be creative, feel creative and live creative. But in general, most of them come to me with one of these questions:

“So you really think I’m creative?”

We humans have a lot of ideas about what creativity is and isn't, and most of them leave us feeling like outsiders or frauds. I think we shortchange ourselves tremendously by that. We only have to think of a plant to see creativity in action.

Creativity is innate to all living things. Everything that’s alive is growing, producing, creating. Sometimes the product is about art. Sometimes it's about business.  Sometimes it's about relationships. Sometimes it's about the natural world. Whatever the product, the process is the same.

Creativity is not something we control or even something we do; it’s a process we participate in.

“Can you help me? I’m blocked!”

Creativity is an extraordinarily enlivening resource, but when we resist it or block it, it can be extremely destructive.

At this stage of my life, I’m on earth to support human beings to live creative. What I love most of all is helping people like you discover your own experience of the creative process in the context of your present-day life. I want to nurture that connection, to support you to take informed risks, to develop your skill and to do the hard work to express yourself in the world.

Whatever authentic longing lies at the heart of you, I’m here to be a voice for Yes. I’m here to assist you in making the glorious journey of personal transformation from your idea to a completed project in the world.

“Why can’t I make money with my work?”

It is a great joy to sell your creative work! Nothing feels quite as good as knowing someone finds enough value in what you do to give you their hard-earned cash for it. But not every creative process lends itself to making a living.


That said, my clients include:

  • Musicians who need confidence to get their album recorded
  • Women who want to become mothers
  • Writers who need support to get their books written
  • Couples who want to co-create something better in their relationship
  • Artists who are trying to sell their work
  • Entrepreneurs who can’t seem to get their product to market
  • People seeking courage to live their authentic truth in a world that doesn't understand them