Kudos from my clients

““Working with Katherine has proved to be an advantage in both my personal and professional life. In the beginning, I wasn’t at all sure that hiring someone to help me do the things I felt I “should” be able to do on my own was a sensible approach, but I’ve come to realize the importance of having a partner on the road to success who can be objective, supportive, and compassionate, all while keeping me accountable, and focused on achieving my goals. 

   I for one have spent countless hours, days, and weeks trying to self-help myself through rough spots that were easily navigated with Katherine’s guidance. Her clarity and wisdom have helped me identify limiting ideas that have held me back, and her compassion has given me the courage to face and move beyond some of the most difficult of challenges.

    It’s hard to estimate the value of having a coach whose mission in life has been decoding the creative process, and whose intuition can save literally years of frustration with a simple insight. I can only say that it’s an investment that continues to pay off for me!
    My journey with Katherine has been a road paved with connected dots, and reimagined potential. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to unleash their inner creative potential.”

Cal Harris Jr.

Billboard Top 10 Musician, CalHarrisJr.com

“The Wheel of Creativity and your presentation of it is a deep and integrative experience. I appreciate you as a contemplative and loving person. As a coach you are dynamic, centered and inspiring. Thank you, Katherine, for the gifts you share with the world.”
Lane Lasater, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Author, Consultant

“If listening could be an art, then Katherine is a master of her medium. I have been a successful coach of hundreds of clients for over a decade, and have personally enjoyed the renewing, nourishing support of Katherine’s artful listening and insightful reflection. The Wheel of Creativity is a treasure for all those seeking to understand themselves and offer their gift to the world. Katherine has my highest recommendation as an author, coach and human being.”
Suzy Girard-Ruttenberg

Business Coach

“One of the things I absolutely love about The Wheel of Creativity and my work with you, and the workshops and really working the Wheel is that I can just take a step back and say, ’OK, all the negative feelings, the what if’s and if only’s, the chaos, it’s all part of the creative process. It’s just part of life.’ It has been the most effective of all the tools I’ve tried at bringing one out of self-judgment.”
Suzanne Gamache

Mind-Body Therapist, Solutions Holistique

“The Wheel of Creativity has been an effective and consistent compass for me in all aspects of my life, shedding light on where I stand in the cycle of creation. Having this blueprint has been extremely powerful in transforming my professional and personal goals into reality. Katherine is a gentle and compelling guide with a deep passion for life. She always asks the right questions, is completely present when she listens. It’s like having your consciousness speak to you, then together you arrive at insights that propel you forward in your life goals.”
Barbara Basalgete

Director SANS EMEA, Scoop It

“Katherine, you have absolutely changed my life. Through the sharing of yourself and the Wheel of Creativity I rediscovered a path I’d travelled decades ago. The Wheel of Creativity brought me new perspectives, which have lightened my heart. The suffering has not magically disappeared, but a defined process has emerged offering greater understanding and tolerance. It’s a discovery, an openness. How thankful I am for this process. The movement I’ve noticed the last two weeks in my business is because of the WOC. The Wheel of Creativity is a guide, a tool that is always there for you.”
Diane Lydon

Events Producer