That thing you cannot yet imagine for yourself, which perhaps exists only as a hunger deep within you, is waiting for you, too.

Katherine Robertson-Pilling


Hi, I’m Katherine.

I believe that you’re here for a purpose. You might know what your purpose is. Or you might just feel a longing—a Hunger—for “something more than this”. I believe your Hunger launches a creative cycle that leads to your authentic life … if you only pay attention. This is the creative path of living, and I’m here to help you walk it.

What do you long for?

I see a world where you—and every human being—is empowered and supported to know what you know, feel what you feel, and create what you are here to create. 

For me, the creative journey is not only what you do, it is also who you are. It is action, but also receptivity. In our materialistic world, we can be so focused on the product—the results we produce— that we lose touch with the process, the lives we live. To me, this is a tragedy.

So what is your Big Vision? And what are you going to do with your one and only life?


My mission is to empower smart, conscious achievers like you 

to clear the obstacles (inner and outer) and make your life longing real in the world, so that you can be truly, madly deeply alive and ensure that you die without regrets.

  • You can make space in your busy life for the unfulfilled dream that still calls you.
  • You can structure the steps to your goal, so your daily actions are aligned with it.
  • You deserve compassionate and objective support to keep your word to yourself.
  • You will come to know yourself as the person who could and did.

I know you can because I have done it.

In 2001, I was a passionate and successful creative but driven to exhaustion by workaholism. A faint inner voice called, “I just want to lie on my back in the sun with my eyes closed.” And my Life responded: Within months, I lost my relationship, my home, and my job. Five years before Elizabeth Gilbert published Eat Pray Love, I left the USA on my own solo walkabout that ultimately led me to this work.

Now, I am an international strategic creativity coach, entrepreneur, and author of The Wheel of Creativity: Taking Your Place in the Adventure of Life. While I am American by birth, I work internationally and live between the US, UK and the South of France.

How I can help

Whether you’re a writer who can’t seem to finish that book, a visionary entrepreneur dreaming to change your corner of the world, or a closet creative with a film, an album or painting safely hidden away, I’m here to assist you in making the glorious journey of personal transformation from your idea to your completed Big Vision Project in the world.

I’m here to help you: Envision that project so it calls you out of bed in the morning; define specific steps that help you move forward; hold yourself accountable; and clear away the obstacles—internal and external—between you and your goal.

Ready to say YES?

Only by leaving what you think you know (a.k.a the Status Quo or your Comfort Zone) can you see who you truly are… and what you are here to do. Life is the most creative adventure of all.