I’m Katherine.

 And I believe that you are here for a purpose. You might know what your purpose is. Or you might just feel a longing – a Hunger – for “something more that this”. I believe your Hunger launches a creative cycle that leads to your authentic life . No matter how successful you’ve been in one area, your entire life is laid out to support you in this transformational journey of creation… if you only pay attention. This is the creative path of living, and I’m here to help you walk it.


About Me 

My mission is to empower smart, conscious achievers like you to clear the obstacles (inner and outer) and make your life longing real in the world, so that you can be truly, madly deeply alive and ensure that you die without regrets.

  • You can make space in your busy life for the unfulfilled dream that still calls you.
  • You can structure the steps to your goal, so your daily actions are aligned with it.
  • You deserve compassionate and objective support to keep your word to yourself.
  • You will come to know yourself as the person who could and did.

I know you can because I have done it.

How I got here

I was born in Houston Texas in 1956, the only child of a respected child psychiatrist and a loveable self-made man. I was a curious girl, but I learned to play it safe. I lived my early life conforming to the straight-and-narrow world around me. I excelled in the best schools, but without encouragement to know what I knew, feel what I felt or want what I wanted. I knew there was more to live and die for than the comfort of what I thought I knew.

I had to move 1,000 miles away, for my studies in Chicago, to hear my own voice. With degrees in Psychology and Communications, I began to blend my compassion for the human condition with my craving for creativity, and I made my way in the creative world to become an award-winning writer/producer in television and film.

But even as I was winning awards, I was also confronting the personal challenges inherent in doing what you’re not sure you can do. So I began deepening my inner life as well. I have worked very hard ­– with the expert guidance of teachers, coaches and mentors – to learn to honor my own experience of the world and the work I’m here to do.

Life is a journey of becoming. And nothing is wasted.

Three stories that have shaped my life

The Night. At 14, I was so out of sync with my fundamentalist world that one night I tried to take my life. My mother sent me to speak with our church pastor, who with loving intentions told me a story. "There was once a small goat living inside a beautiful walled garden. The goat spent every day trying to scale the wall and escape. And she ended every day in exhaustion. You are like this goat, Kathie. If only you could stop scaling the wall, you could enjoy the beautiful garden you're in." Years later, I realized I was that goat (a Capricorn after all!), and it was my nature to want to see what was “out there.”

The Lesson. Just telling yourself the truth about who you are and what you long for will launch you into a creative cycle. It is the Hero’s Journey of your life, and your purpose lies along that path.

The Vision. At 30, while at a transformational retreat with a group of friends I trusted, I had a vision. I saw myself standing on a long road that stretched out as far as I could see. At the end of the road stood  an extraordinary, colorful old woman with long flowing gray hair. She looked right at me, smiling and holding her arms out and moving her fingers as if to say, “Come on!” She was so cool: I wanted to be her. And then I realized I was her. Just not there yet.

The Lesson. When you can see who you’re becoming, you can trust your process. When you know you’re on the road from here to there, you can take the next steps. When you connect with this wise, joyful, mature version of you, you learn to make the choices she would make.

The Goodbye. At 40, at the peak of my television career in Los Angeles, I stepped away for six months. After her long battle with cancer, my mother was dying. At home in Houston, two days before her passing, she looked up at me from her deathbed, drew every ounce of energy she had and said, “I never got my turn.” My heart split in two. How could such an influential woman who’d helped so many people have failed herself? I vowed that day to do what she could not do.

The Lesson. My mother’s final gift to me was the awakening of my life purpose: to ensure that I and everyone whose lives I touch do not die with those words on our lips. I share it with you in hopes it will awaken yours, so you can begin that journey today.

The day my life changed

In 2001 my life changed course. I was a passionate and successful creative but driven to exhaustion by workaholism. A faint inner voice was calling, “I just want to lie on my back in the sun with my eyes closed.” And my Life responded: within months, I lost my relationship, my home and my job. Five years before Elizabeth Gilbert published Eat Pray Love, I put all my things in storage and left the USA on my own solo walkabout. My first day alone in Europe was September 11, 2001; and a few days later I landed in Nice France. Along with the entire world, I stopped there.

In the South of France, away from everything I knew, I made a life. I learned a new language and a new culture. I created a new community. I met an English sea captain and finally married at 52. 

Today I'm privileged to lead inspired people on four continents to implement their inspiration in Big Vision Projects that began as a small nagging hunger for something more. Through courses, workshops and trainings – online and on land – I coach smart, conscious achievers through the cycle of creation.

What began as a six-week walkabout led me to an amazingly rich life in three countries I simply could not have imagined. I discovered my life work, published my book and built the business my entire life had prepared me for. And what I’ve learned is…

Only when you finally let go of your life as you know it can you discover what it can be.

And what I know is...

That thing you cannot yet imagine for yourself, which perhaps exists only as a sense of Hunger deep within you, is waiting for you too. It all begins when you tell yourself the truth. 

My Vision for You 


"But little by little,
as you left their voices behind,
the stars began to burn
through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice,
which you slowly recognized as your own,
that kept you company
as you strode deeper and deeper
into the world,
determined to do
the only thing you could do --
determined to save
the only life you could save.”
- Mary Oliver (The Journey)


What do you long for? What is your Big Vision?

I see a world where you – and every human being – are empowered and supported to know what you know, feel what you feel, and create what you are here to create. The inner and outer doubters do not serve you. And they do not serve the world.

For me, the creative journey is not only what you do, it is also who you are. It is action, but also receptivity. In our materialistic world, we can be so focused on the product – the results we produce – that we lose touch with the process – the lives we live. And to me this is a tragedy.

What are you going to do with your one and only life?

How I can help

It's only because of powerful coaches and mentors throughout my life that have I managed to…

  1. Create hundreds of projects, two careers, three businesses, a global community, and an amazing life
  2. Overcome the inevitable obstacles – internal and external – to make any Big Vision real
  3. Study, master and integrate the universal principles that make it all work
  4. Put it all into a powerful tool that will enable you to achieve 1, 2 and 3

Whatever deep dream still lies hidden within you, I’m here to be a voice for Yes. I’m here to assist you in making the glorious journey of personal transformation from your idea to your completed Big Vision Project in the world.

Whether you are…

  • A Writer who can’t seem to finish that book
  • A purpose-driven Employee in search of your next opportunity
  • A Closet Creative with a film, an album or painting safely hidden away
  • A burnt-out Corporate Refugee looking for the courage to go out on your own
  • A visionary Social Entrepreneur dreaming to change your corner of the world

I’m here to help you…

  • Make time and space in your life for your Big Vision Project
  • Envision that project so it calls you out of bed in the morning
  • Define specific steps you need to take to start moving forward
  • Hold yourself accountable to your word when you feel like quitting
  • Overcome the limiting beliefs and old patterns keeping you stuck
  • Clear away the obstacles – internal and external – between you and your goal

Only by leaving what you think you know (a.k.a the Status Quo or your Comfort Zone) can you see who you truly are… and what you are here to do. Life is the most creative adventure of all.

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What makes my heart sing

  • Singing. I crave more time to sing (and write songs).
  • Swimming. My happy place is swimming with the fishes in the Mediterranean near my apartment in Nice.
  • Riding. I grew up riding and showing horses, and I still feel at home in a saddle. 
  • Connecting. I am most grateful for my amazing stepchildren and beautiful new granddaughter. 
  • Witnessing. The words people use most often to describe me: creative, intuitive, deep, strong, authentic, present, empathetic and caring. I love people.


Katherine's Bio

Katherine Robertson-Pilling is an international strategic creativity coach, entrepreneur and author of The Wheel of Creativity: Taking Your Place in the Adventure of Life. During more than 30 years as an award-winning professional writer, Katherine became intimately acquainted with the creative process. Through her personal journey, she began to recognize its patterns in all of life. Those patterns became the 12 stations of The Wheel of Creativity®, her proprietary framework for creative transformation, which she details in her book. Today she specializes in showing smart, savvy achievers how to use the creative process to realize their most precious unfulfilled dream. Her philosophy is that all circumstances transform when people learn to think creatively and act authentically, and that people themselves are transformed through the process. While Katherine is American by birth, she works internationally and lives between the US, UK and the South of France.