“Create a (r)evolution. Start with your own life.” – Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Katherine Robertson-Pilling


Helping smart, conscious achievers turn the dreams that still elude them into their Big Vision Projects

Have you ever had that nagging feeling there’s something else you’re here to do? I believe that creating what you long for is the path to personal meaning. So I help smart, conscious achievers like you turn the dream that still eludes you into your Big Vision Project, so you can live (and die) knowing you did what you came to Earth to do.

What’s your big vision?

Whether it’s writing that book, sharing your art, recording an album, making a film, launching a product, building a business, setting up a social enterprise, or restoring your physical health, the world is not complete without your unique contribution. And you aren’t, either. 


“Katherine has absolutely changed my life”

Through her sharing and the Wheel of Creativity, I rediscovered a path I’d travelled decades ago with new perspectives, which lightened my heart. As a member of Katherine’s year-long program, I found the discipline I needed to correct course and regain my financial sustainability. I so value Katherine’s guidance and coaching to support me to achieve my goals. Her sincere objectivity gives me the ability to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses, and the framework to break through self-imposed barriers. If you’re thinking of investing in yourself, please consider any of Katherine’s programs. It’s a yardstick to measure your own character.

- Diane Lydon, Education & Training Manager (Sacramento, USA)

Cal Harris Jr.

“I came through this program with major breakthroughs”

I came through this program with major breakthroughs on things that were in my head, but not knowing the path to the results I needed. Now I have a place to launch from for the work I want to do next. This work is not limited to traditional artistic endeavors. It’s about harnessing the creativity within us all that can be used to enhance any area of life. I would highly recommend Katherine’s programs to anyone serious about taking their Art, Business, Relationship, or any other endeavor to the next level! I feel very hopeful.

- Cal Harris Jr, Contemporary Jazz Musician (Phoenix, USA)

Victoria Alai

“Results beyond what I had hoped for”

I feel fully equipped and empowered to embark on any exciting product launch, business, novel or organizing project that would have stopped me in my tracks before. This course and the Virtual Studio Days propelled me through several walls of fear and resistance to breakthroughs and results beyond what I had hoped for. Working with Katherine has allowed me to set the bar way higher. If you have any project or dream and think it’s just a fantasy and too big, think again.

- Victoria Alai, Entrepreneur/Author (Silicon Valley, USA)

Jessica Joseph

“I never would have allowed myself to be open to a new career without Katherine’s support”

When I started Katherine’s program, I was at a crossroads in my life and I knew that my life couldn’t continue the way it was going. I knew what I really wanted to do—my heart’s desire—but inside me there was always a lot of self-doubt. Katherine helped me through that process to give myself and my work the attention we deserved. And then things started happening in quick succession. I was invited to do a series on Wired 868, and that led me to being invited to talk at TED. I never knew that my life experience would open up that new career for me, and I never would have allowed myself to be open to that without Katherine’s support. I highly recommend this program.

- Jessica Joseph, Advertising Creative Director (Castries, St. Lucia)

Marika Baris

“I’ve taken numerous programs from Katherine and have walked away each time stronger, more focused and inspired”

My life was transitioning due to a separation in my marriage. I was on new ground and Katherine and the group helped support me. Katherine’s program opened me up to my vulnerability and being able to share that with others. Katherine always led by example and shared her heartfelt emotions opening the group to share theirs. I’ve taken numerous programs from Katherine and have walked away each time stronger, more focused and inspired.

- Marika Baris, Transformational Counselor Facilitator, Social Change Agent (Colorado, USA)

Barbara Basalgete

“An effective and consistent compass for me in all aspects of my life”

The Wheel of Creativity has been an effective and consistent compass for me in all aspects of my life, shedding light on where I stand in the cycle of creation, and empowering me in transforming my professional and personal goals into reality. Katherine is a gentle and compelling guide with a deep passion for life. She always asks the right questions and is completely present when she listens. It’s like having your consciousness speak to you; together you arrive at insights that propel you forward in your life goals.

- Barbara Basalgete, Social Entrepreneur (Nice, France)


“Katherine is a perfect guide and delivers the entire experience”

I instantly felt drawn to the structure of the Wheel of Creativity because it feels familiar in my process as an artist and a designer. Seeing that process so clearly as a framework made it easier to go through in my work over and over again and apply it to different things. Katherine’s course helped me stick to it and see the process through. Katherine is a perfect guide and delivers the entire experience, coaching you through it, in a way that’s really supportive. The Wheel of Creativity is a universal principle that can be applied to any kind of project undertaken by a human, because we’re all creative being.

- Moulsari Jain, Artist, Designer, Coach (Amsterdam)

Suzanne Gamache

“The most effective tool I’ve tried at bringing me out of self-judgment”

One of the things I absolutely love about my work with Katherine and the Wheel of Creativity is that I can just take a step back and say, ’OK, all the negative feelings, the what if’s and if only’s, the chaos, it’s all part of the creative process. It’s just part of life.’ It’s the most effective tool I’ve tried at bringing me out of self-judgment.

- Suzanne Gamache, Psychotherapist and Property Investor (Leeds, England)

What’s stopping you?

The deeper your dream—the more precious your vision—the louder those negative voices will be. To do what you’ve never done, you’re likely to confront some self-doubt. Imposter Syndrome is part of the journey. My own Big Vision Project, which became the foundation of all my work, took me 10 years to realize. You can learn to translate your lifelong dream into a clear vision, and then to defuse the old patterns keeping you stuck. And I will show you the first three steps you need to take to get started.

Not sure where to start?

Know you’re meant for more, but just feel stuck or paralyzed by the first step? Do you want to talk more before committing to something that feels really big? I’d be glad to talk to you anytime over coffee (virtually, of course).