Hi, I'm Katherine

I am a creative (r)evolutionary, global thought-leader on the creative process, and author of The Wheel of Creativity®.
I believe that every human being is creative and that creating what we long for is the path to personal meaning and world peace. But our deeper dreams often get lost in the demands of our successes. So I help smart, purpose-driven achievers like you to deliver on the deeper dream that still eludes you so you can live (and die) knowing you did what you came to Earth to do.

What’s your Deeper Dream Project?

Take the Wheel of Creativity® QuickStart to find out.

Begin the journey now to making your Deeper Dream real by clarifying what you most long for.

Find out which area of your life needs your attention and what lies between where you are today and the deeper dream you long for.

Get a glimpse of every step you’ll need to take to get there. Identify and diarize your first 3 steps so you get started right away.

You’re a smart, purpose-driven achiever with a proven track record.

You have a successful career and a great family, but there’s still something you haven’t done; and you know if you don’t do it in your lifetime it will be the one thing you most regret.

It’s a funny thing about success. Perhaps that very success has kept you on that one track alone, so you never get around to the one thing you most long to do.

The longer you live ignoring this dream, the more it costs you. Your life fills up with distractions. You lose track of what once made your heart sing. And eventually you begin to question your life choices all along the way.

But it’s not only you who pays the cost. The people you care about also suffer, because you are not fully alive. And the world suffers too because the solutions, the programs, the products, the art you were put here to create will never be.

Your deep dream is still calling you, but something’s always getting in the way. You’ve finally had enough and you’re losing faith. But you just don’t know where to start.

You can keep the best of your life and still have your dream… all in one lifetime.


And my mission is to ensure you do that.


Maybe you’ve achieved a lot in your life yet you have this nagging feeling that there’s something else you’re here to do.

Whether it’s learning the guitar, entering a dance competition, spending six months backpacking around India, making art, writing that book, creating a business, or setting up a social enterprise, the world is not complete without your contribution.

And you aren’t either.

I’m here to help you uncover the dream you may have hidden for years, design a plan to get you there from here and navigate all the twists and turns of the process.

Are you ready to bring your dream out of the shadows in your life?

You can start right now by taking taking the Wheel of Creativity QuickStart.

Who I am

I’m as human a being as there ever was. I make mistakes. I struggle. I fail. But I trust the process of my life. And that’s made all the difference.

How I see the World

Your life is an adventure. The results you produce begin deep within you and work their way out from there. Change your relationship to Life and your results will change.

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What I do

Your circumstances are the stage, the props and the costumes of your life story. Your aspirations, strengths and blocks make up the character you play. I help you reconnect with the person at center stage, to return to what you already know.

What you're saying

“If listening could be an art, then Katherine is a master of her medium. The Wheel of Creativity is a treasure for all those seeking to understand themselves and offer their gift to the world. “

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Every good thing in life begins with commitment. And the commitment is always and only to yourself. Whether your creative journey is 100 yards or a thousand miles, it begins with the step you are deciding on right now.

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