My Programs 

Every human being is creative. It is your birthright, and your responsibility, to grow the see that’s been planted in your heart as a longing. It may seem unimportant or incosequential up against the louder demands of your daily life – work, family, health, finances – but you are not put here to play small. The longing you feel for more is a clue to your purpose. And you can learn to turn that Hunger into a Harvest that will nourish not only you but all the world. The Wheel of Creativity is your compass, to show you the way step by step through that process. And I will be your guide. I teach you have to navigate the creative cycle in my monthly membership program, in my self-paced study course, in my book, in private coaching sessions and more. 

The Virtual Studio Day.

Even the smart, savvy achievers of the world have hidden dreams… that one (scary) thing they’ve always wanted to do but still haven’t gotten around to… or have “successfully” managed to avoid year after year. I help people with already great lives make their big vision projects real. And one of my most popular and effective programs is the monthly Virtual Studio Day… an online get-it-done session for high performers with big vision projects. Come jumpstart your project with fast, enduring results in just four hours. What is your Big Vision Project? What are you waiting for? Learn more and register:

Clear Vision Focused Action Membership.

If you have a vision for a life that matters, make 2020 the year you take your life back. Clarify your priorities. Focus your actions. And make that dream come true. In my 12-month membership program, you’ll belong to a well-curated, nurturing and challenging community of fellow change makers around the world 24/7 and in monthly Mastermind calls. You’ll get the structure you need to complete your projects big and small and the accountability that keeps you from giving up. And you get members-only access to expert coaching to lay the track for a life that will take you where you really want to go and to navigate the road from here to there. Learn more.


Reset your Strategy for Success.

Getting from where you are to where you want to be in any area of your life is a step-by-step journey, and the Wheel of Creativity is your compass. This self-paced video course is your virtual tour of each step on your path to the future you long for. It all begins right where you are. Join me as I take you step-by-step through the 12 stations of the Wheel of Creativity. This course will help you identify what’s really missing for you in the area of your life you choose, visualize clearly what you want there, overcome the inertia that keeps you stuck, and use the inevitable obstacles to grow stronger. Come transform your life… one area at a time. Learn more.

Workshops and Retreats.

Over the years I’ve witnessed Technology facilitate intimacy among people who might never be in the same room. In my membership program and online groups I guide men and women from different continents, countries, cultures and creeds to form bonds that transcend time and space. Still, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned get-together to connect people face-to-face and heart-to-heart. I’ve run Wheel of Creativity workshops in London, Nice, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Chicago, and retreats in Colorado, the high desert of new Mexico, the South of France and Southern England. If you’d like to be waitlistedfor one of these meetups, let me know.