I'm Katherine

Looking for inspiration? Need to nourish your creative spirit? Welcome to my corner of the world! I’m so happy you’ve found your way here. Come on in! I’ll wait for you inside!

... The Wheel of Creativity

What’s the next level of passionate achievement in your life? Whether you’re just starting out in life, transitioning through loss, or moving from one success to another, my latest book, The Wheel of Creativity: Taking your Place in the Adventure of Life, will help you get there.

… and you!

Everyone longs to be creative, feel creative and live creative. I work with all kinds of people with all kinds of dreams. But most of them come to me with one of these:

“So you really think I’m creative?”

“Can you help me? I’m blocked!”

“Why can’t I make money with my work?”

Who I am

I’m as human a being as there ever was. I make mistakes. I struggle. I fail. But I trust the process of my life. And that’s made all the difference.

How I see the World

Your life is an adventure. The results you produce begin deep within you and work their way out from there. Change your relationship to Life and your results will change.

Get my Stuff

Fun stuff. Serious stuff. Live stuff. Virtual stuff. Free stuff. Paid stuff.  My book, my blog, videos, meditations, telecourses, coaching and live face-to-face workshops. Come explore my world.

What I do

Your circumstances are the stage, the props and the costumes of your life story. Your aspirations, strengths and blocks make up the character you play. I help you reconnect with the person at center stage, to return to what you already know.

What you're saying

“If listening could be an art, then Katherine is a master of her medium. The Wheel of Creativity is a treasure for all those seeking to understand themselves and offer their gift to the world. “

Connect with me

Every good thing in life begins with commitment. And the commitment is always and only to yourself. Whether your creative journey is 100 yards or a thousand miles, it begins with the step you are deciding on right now.

Connect and develop a relationship.